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11/4/2017 - Soil Contamination Risk Management Workshop

On 4th of November 2017, UCCE held a free Urban Soil Contamination Risk Management workshop at Martial Cottle Park, San Jose. The workshop addressed urban soil contamination, how to manage risks and minimize exposure and how to take soil samples for testing.



 The workshop handouts and additional resources are available here:

  • Handouts:

Groups of contaminants in soil

Source of information about a site when testing soil

Soil sampling checklist & protocol

List labs

Tips for Interpreting Soil Analyses

  • Additional resources:

Contaminants in Soils - Data Collection, Interpreting Test results, and Minimizing Exposure

EPA Evaluation-of-Urban-Soils

EPA Lead in Urban Oakland Soils

Soils in Urban Agriculture - Testing, Remediation and Best Management Practices

Presentation Soil Sampling, Risk Mapping and Exposure Prevention


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