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Animal Science Education & Activities

Girl showing cavy to three teens


  • [NEW] All Ponygames for learning about horsemanship
  • [NEW] Bird Academy 200 instructional videos about birds from the Cornell Lab (STEM – all ages)
  • All About Feathers interactive instruction on birds (all ages)
  • [NEW] ProjectFeederwatchCornell Bird lab -Interested in bird watching? Participate as a citizen scientist!
  • [NEW] Macaulay LibraryLearn about birds from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology – be a citizen scientist, explore species and their regions, including sounds and videos, and learn how to identify birds from around the world. 
  • JoLynn Miller is livestreaming embryology lessons on FaceBook. Check out the lesson on chick hatching (featuring JoLynn’s crazy hair for Spirit Week) 
  • Hatching with 4-H  (anyone can participate no matter which region – you don’t have to be a member of 4-H STEM – Embryology  ages 5-18)