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Continuing with a 4-H project virtually can be a challenge. For adult volunteers, teen and junior leaders, and 4-H members, this is another opportunity to learn by doing.

Connecting and providing a sense of belonging to 4-H members is a priority. Please explore the resources below and consider what accommodations may be possible to continue the engagement, inclusion and continued progress of our 4-H members.

  • Applications are available to seek approval for in-person project meetings that include no more than two adults and fourteen youth following the specific meeting guidelines.

  • California 4-H offers a Virtual Toolbox with many great resources.

  • Meetings may be held virtually, learn how to set up a free Zoom account, free accounts have time and feature limitations for the host.

  • Make Zoom more engaging with tips in this recording w/ password 4q#2B@r7, slides ,  index to longer webinar


  • 4-H clubs preferring to set up a club Zoom account may use club budgeted funds to pay the monthly fee directly. (14.99 mo)
  • Zoom Pro accounts are also available for assignment through the 4-H office at no charge. Email sjweaver@ucanr.edu
  • The Virtual Meeting Guidance for 4-H Adult Volunteers has been posted on the Virtual 4-H Technology Tools and Tips page of the state 4-H website. 
  • Club meeting resources are available here.
  • Virtual project meeting information may be found here.
  • Use Google Hangouts for meetings
  • Create a Quizlet for reviewing knowledge of subject matter
  • 4-H Club leaders are provided a link for recurring Zoom meetings that may be used for project and club meetings in your individual club. Visit this link to guidelines for zoom groups, you may like to share this with your group. 
  • Many 4-H resources are hosted online. Visit the Volunteer Development website, sign-up for your account and you will have access to resources.
  • Leadership Principles for managing in the time of Coronavirus.
  • We can’t wait to see how you inspire your kids to do, so don’t forget to share photos and videos on social media using #InspireKidstoDo.


  • View the California 4-H web page for Project Sheets.
  • Consider utilizing You Tube videos to teach a concept. (Ceramics)
  • Consider using You Tube videos created by 4-H members (Dog)
  • Better yet, invite project teen leaders or junior leaders to create a demonstration video, google Slides or Powerpoint to share with the project via Zoom 
  • Print information and activities and mail or email to the project members (example)