4-H Summer Camp

4-H Summer Camp is for 4-H Youth Members who are 4-H age 9 to 18 with an "Active" enrollment status in the 4HOnline enrollment system. 4-H age is determined by your age on December 31st of the current program year. 4-H Summer Camp is the highlight of the year for many of our 4-H youth. The camp held near Pescadero is an overnight camp that includes all meals, archery, shooting sports, arts & crafts, campfire, hiking & nature, and more. Youth are housed in cabins and tent platforms. Showers and bathroom facilities are all available. If you would like more info, reach out to our 2019 Camp Directors via email at scc4hcamp2019@gmail.com

Volunteer Approved adults, we need you to chaperone. This is a youth run event with adult supervision. Come join us and see why adults return to chaperone year-after-year. There are many fun ways to participate. To apply for 2019, please use this link: 4-H Camp Chaperone Application 

2019 Youth Staff positions have been assigned and the camp staff is working toward another successful 4-H Summer Camp. 

Camp 2019 will be held on June 11 - 15, for Campers and June 10 - 16 for Staff Members. Clover Camp (one day camp for ages 5 - 8) will be held on Friday, June 14.

Camper applications are now available. Please complete registration for each 4-H member age 9 and up here: 4-H Camper Registration

Clover Camp Day registration for 4-H members age 5 - 9 may be found here: Clover Day Registration

4-H Summer Camp Youth Staff


Youth staff members must meet the following criteria:

  • Age 12 or above by December 31, 2018
  • Attended SCC 4-H Camp previously (Clover Camp does not count)
  • Currently a Teen Leader in another Project or enrolled in a Leadership Development Project

For information about camp staff positions, please click here.

Camp Staff Job Descriptions 2018




4-H Clover Day at Camp

Clover Day at Camp is for 4-H Youth Members who are 4-H age 5 to 8 years old. Clover Day is limited to the first 25 campers that apply and it is a full day of fun. Application link for the 2019 Clover Camp will be distributed in the spring.




4-H Adult Camp Staff & Adult Chaperones

4-H Summer Camp is run by 4-H Youth Camp Directors and 4-H Youth Staff with the support of 4-H Adult Volunteers as Adult Staff and Adult Chaperones. Chaperones attend 4-H Camp at no charge. If you are an enrolled adult volunteer in Santa Clara County 4-H, please complete a chaperone application and indicate your availability. The link to apply as a chaperone for 4-H Camp 2019 is above.

4-H Summer Camp Youth Directors:

Youth Directors are in charge of the Camp Staff. They make sure every staff meeting runs well and every staff member has the training they need to make 4-H Camp a great experience for all Campers. Youth Directors must meet the following criteria:

  • Age 16 or older by December 31, 2018
  • Held one or more previous Camp Staff positions
  • Exhibited previous leadership experience by being a Teen Leader in another project or currently be enrolled in a Leadership Development Project. 

The application and job descriptions for all Camp Staff positions, including Youth Director, are linked above.