Cover Crops for Home Gardens - San Jose
Martial Cottle Park at the UC Master Gardener Parcel in the Pavilion
Contact: UC Master Gardeners
Sponsor: UC Master Gardeners, Santa Clara County, CA

Want to improve your garden's soil? Cover Crops can perform many different functions, from preventing soil erosion, attracting beneficial insects, adding organic matter and nitrogen, improving soil structure and tilth, increasing air, water, and nutrient availability, and even helping to break up compacted soils. We'll discuss the reasons to grow cover crops, the various types of cover crops, when to plant them, and when to cut and compost or till them under. After the talk, we'll have a hands-on demonstration on planting Summer cover crops and cutting them down.

Participants should wear closed-toed shoes, layered clothing, and a hat, as the class is held outdoors in our Pavilion. A refillable water bottle, notebook and writing implements are recommended.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to park and sign in.

Note: the park charges $6.00 for parking. Or, you can park on Chynoweth Avenue near Vauxhall Circle for free.

Presenter: UC Master Gardener Elizabeth Evans

Registration: None

Cost: Free