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Composting with Kids!

With the implementation of California State law SB 1383 happening this month, momentum is building to make a significant effort to divert organic waste from landfills. The Composting Education Program believes that achieving these goals starts with educating children.


Our program offers many different types of opportunities for kids to learn about backyard and worm composting. Our program’s Kids Composting Team can coordinate directly with school principals, teachers and extracurricular groups to provide one-time hands-on workshops or on-going curriculum support. Whether it’s reducing lunchroom organic waste through building a classroom worm bin or planning a community composting service project, our Master Composters have diverse skill sets with many years of experience working with kids.

The Composting Education Program is certain that working with area schools and community youth groups, Santa Clara County can become a leader in student composting. The environmental challenges of today will soon become the responsibilities of the next generation. Through engaged learning and youth leadership development solutions can become realities. 

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