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Did you know that May 5th-11th is International Compost Awareness Week!?

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That’s right, one week a year we get to celebrate the importance of one of the planet’s best soil amendments! During this week, you can help celebrate by spreading the word about how good it is to spread compost!

What does this year’s International Compost Awareness Week theme - COMPOST…Nature’s Climate Champion - mean? The theme highlights the role compost plays in reducing the impact of climate change by:

  • Decreasing methane: A greenhouse gas eighty-four times as impactful as carbon dioxide. Methane can be significantly reduced by keeping organics out of landfills!
  • Climate change mitigation: When added to soil, compost puts carbon back into the earth and serves as a “carbon sink,” helping to store carbon and mitigate climate change.
  • Improving Soil Health: Compost increases soil water holding capacity and decreases the need for synthetic fertilizers by slowly releasing nutrients over time, and enhances healthy soil texture. A more stabilized soil that holds onto water and nutrients creates a more resilient soil!
  • Increasing resilience: Compost helps to increase resilience to the effects of climate change such as drought and extreme weather.

Sign up for a Composting Basics Workshop presented by a Santa Clara County Master Composter at the Cupertino Library on May 11. Learn about the basics of composting and gain the skills to start your own compost system.  See other workshop dates on our website.

Here are some ideas about how you can help raise public awareness about composting throughout International Compost Awareness Week:

Follow the Compost Research & Education Foundation 

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Make a gift to the Composting Education Program of Santa Clara County to help us spread compost awareness.  Make sure you designate our program in the drop down menu.

Thank you!

Rock out to this awesome educational Compost song by Nate & Hila