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Beef Cattle Vet Fact Sheets

Beef Cattle Veterinary Facts & Information 
The UC Davis Veterinary Medicine Extension program provides information on beef cattle care, disease prevention and treatment, and other animal health issues.

Beef Cattle Care Practices
This booklet describes cattle care practices considered to be the most practical and appropriate available. Topics covered include: nutrition, reproduction, behavior, stress and pain, and care and management practices.

Bovine Trichomonosis: Essential Facts and Testing
Information on the transmission, testing, and treatment for this protozoan disease affecting cattle reproduction.

Foot and Mouth Disease Fact Sheet
A review of established policies and ongoing vigilance to prevent an outbreak of this highly contagious and potentially devastating disease.

Veterinary Views
Published monthly in California Cattleman magazine, these articles on cattle health issues are written by UC Davis veterinarian Dr. John Maas.