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Juntos 4-H helps Latino youth achieve high school graduation and attend higher education.

Juntos 4-H helps Latino youth (grades 7 – 12) and their families gain the knowledge and skills to bridge the gap between high school and higher education. The program was developed by North Carolina State University in 2007. Juntos, meaning ‘together’ in Spanish, was named a ‘Bright Spot in Hispanic Education” by a White House initiative in 2015.

The objectives are:

  • Increase family engagement that leads to students’ educational success
  • Increase the sense of belonging among Latino students and families in their schools and communities
  • Increase Latino student success by improving student attendance and grades, and achieving high school graduation
  • Increase the percentage of Latino students attending higher education 

The Juntos program has four components (http://juntosnc.com/about-juntos/).

  1. Juntos Family Engagement via a 6-week workshop series and family events.
  2. Juntos 4-H Clubs with a focus on public speaking, life skills, and community service.
  3. Monthly One-On-One Success Coaching and/or Mentoring by an adult who monitors youth's academics and coaches them to achieve their academic goals.
  4. Annual attendance to the Juntos Summer Academy at a University of California campus, where students learn to focus on college readiness and team building.



Juntos 4-H Summer Academy


For more on how to participate or about how you can bring Juntos 4-H to your school, please contact the Santa Clara County facilitators.


Name: Fe Moncloa, Ph.D.

4-H Youth Development Advisor

University of California Cooperative Extension, Santa Clara County


408-282-3107   (se habla español)


Name: Susan Weaver

4-H YD Program Representative

University of California Cooperative Extension, Santa Clara County

sjweaver@ucanr.edu 408-282-3119