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Worm Composting Workshop - Milpitas
Milpitas Library
160 N Main Street
Milpitas, CA
Contact: Victoria Roberts
Sponsor: Santa Clara County

Learn the art and science behind composting from a local Master Composter. Come learn about the importance of managing your organic waste (food scraps and yard trimmings) at home. As the drought worsens and the climate warms, home-based waste management has never been more relevant. With wide reaching applications, backyard composting cuts your contribution to landfills, conserves water, and builds healthy all-natural soils that store carbon. At this workshop you will learn to build, manage and utilize a home compost pile. 

Participants will learn how to transform their household kitchen scraps into a rich, fine, and nutritious soil amendment for their gardens using worms. Come prepared to learn about worm care and compare vermicompost techniques. 

Please join us for an exciting journey into the world of rot, exploring why something that so many are repulsed by might in fact be the way we save the planet.

This workshop will also have a hands-on mini worm bin build component so Registration is required

For more information visit: www.ucanr.edu/compost