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Together, we can level the playing field so all children have an equitable opportunity to succeed. Learn more at 4-H.org/Opportunity4All

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  • Youth Voice: Hear from young people who speak openly and honestly about what they want adults to know about their physical and mental health, digital access/skills and social justice. In addition to speaking their minds, they offer solutions to the issues that impact their lives.
  • Experts Panel: Hosted by 4-H alumnus and Nashville Public Radio Reporter Sergio Martinez-Beltran, Our Opportunity is Now, brings together experts in education, youth and corporate development for a discussion on closing the opportunity gap. The segment dives deep into the issue of access and equity, the essential need for positive youth development and solutions that build a brighter future for America’s youth.


Check out the podcast where educators discuss research, theory and best practices in youth development. Topics include youth programs, youth issues, volunteer development, cultural diversity and social and emotional learning. Listen to the latest episodes.

The most recent podcasts feature educators and young people from the Minnesota 4-H program speaking to the power of engaging youth in conversations on race and racial justice:

  • Let's Talk about Race- How do we, as youth workers, engage young people in important conversations about race and racism? And why is it important that we do? Listen to this podcast to learn how Minnesota 4-H educators engaged young people in meaningful conversations about race and racism through a program called, "Let's Talk About Race." They discuss how this program originated, its structure and how youth responded.
  • Hmong-American Youth Talk about Racial Injustice- What can we learn from young people who are talking about racial injustice in their community? In this podcast, we will hear from two Hmong-American youth who participated in 4-H programs this past summer that provided a safe space to discuss racial injustice. They share how it changed the way they think about these issues and has motivated them to continue the conversation with their peers.
  • How to Address Racial Justice through Youth Voice - In this podcast, Quincy Powe, 4-H alumnus, shares his perspective on how to address racial justice through youth voice. Based on his experience as a young person and now his work as a young adult, Quincy provides insight into how youth workers can encourage youth to believe in their own voice and create their own table (rather than inviting them to the "adult table") as they continually re-educate themselves to truly meet the needs of youth in their programs. 


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