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How to Join 4-H

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What does 4-H provide for Young People?

As a program of the University of California, 4-H offers a variety of programs and activities that meet the needs and interests of young people from 5-19 years old. 4-H is one of the largest youth development programs in the United States with more than 6.5 million young people ages 5-19, and 540,000 youth and adult volunteers. 4-H serves youth throughout California and in Santa Clara County in urban, suburban, and rural communities.

Youth learn leadership, civic engagement, and life skills by participating in a variety of activities and more than 50 projects as varied as computer science, leadership, public speaking, photography, animal science, cooking, and service learning. 


May I participate in 4-H as an Adult?

4-H is a volunteer organization and we are thankful for our volunteers (18 years old +) who donate their time, energy, and enthusiasm to make 4-H programs come alive in their community. 4-H volunteers mentor youth and support them to become responsible, self-directed, and productive members of society.

How Do I Begin the Process to Join 4-H?

To join a 4-H club in Santa Clara County, visit Santa Clara County 4-H Clubs to learn which club is closest to you. Please contact the club leader or enrollment coordinator listed on the flyer for specific information about participating in a club meeting soon. The club contact can provide information so you may visit a 4-H monthly meeting prior to completing enrollment

The University of California Division of Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR) prohibits discrimination or harassment of any person in any of its programs or activities (Complete nondiscrimination policy statement can be found at http://ucanr.org/sites/anrstaff/files/107778.doc)

?'s email zmahmood@ucanr.edu