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Incentives and Recognition programs

Incentives and Recognition Programs

The Club Incentives and Recognition Program is available to all clubs in Santa Clara County that desire to include it in their by-laws. It is not required.

“All 4-H club members will have the opportunity to participate in Incentives and Recognition programs, such as the 4-H Club Level Recognition, provided by The 4-H Youth Development Program of Santa Clara County. This program will be overseen by one or more youth in partnership with two or more adults that are appointed to a committee by the executive board. Participation is encouraged, but not required of all members. Earned Incentives and Recognition pins will be presented by the appointed club committee at least once in a program year.”

Clarifications for 4-H Club Level Recognition:

  • 4-H members that complete an approved 4-H Club Level Recognition will be awarded a corresponding pin within the club.
  • 4-H Club Level Recognition is separate and in addition to any awards earned through other 4-H participation.
  • A 4-H member may complete no more than two 4-H Club Level Recognition levels in a 4-H Program Year. (July 1 – June 30)
  • A 4-H member must complete Level One of the 4-H Club Level Recognition Additional levels may be completed in any order.
  • With attendance as an exception, one event or activity may not be counted as participation for two levels
  • In the case of attending an event where you have a leadership role, that event may count under two categories. 

To view and print the Club Level Recognition guidebook, please open the file below. This is designed to print as a book, be sure to change printer settings to:

- Two sided printing

- short side flip

4-H 2018 Level Based Recognition and Rewards

Presidential Service Award 

4-H Members and Volunteers May Apply

For more details about applying, email scc4hprogram@gmail.com

To begin tracking your volunteer hours:

Open this form, save a copy, when you have completed the number of hours required for your age and award level, share the form with sjweaver@ucanr.edu

Eligible volunteers will be submitted quarterly; September 30 ,December 30, March 30, June 30.