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Mental Health for Youth Resources

Mental Health for Youth Resources

7 in 10 teens are struggling with mental health. In a new survey from National 4-H Council, an overwhelming number of teens report feeling anxious, stressed or depressed amidst COVID-19. Join 4-H in starting a conversation on teen mental health.

Mental Health

Teens having trusted adults in their life is important. Trusted adults are people you can turn to when you have a problem, when something bad is happening to you, or when you have embarrassing or difficult questions. Trusted adults may range from your parents to teachers to 4-H leaders. To find a trusted adult, make a list of adults in your life, decide which of these adults makes you feel safe and respected, and who you think will listen and help you out when you have a problem.

When your need is more urgent, or you don't have someone to talk to, please consider these resources:


Mental Health & Today: Focused on mental health and today’s social climate, part one of this two-part segment explores young people’s thoughts on teen mental health and the impact of COVID-19 and recent racial and social unrest. Part two features youth asking adults about their perspectives, insights and solutions for change.

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