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Fair Awards Chairperson

Committee Make-up:

Chairperson from each of the following areas:

  • All-Star Advisor
  • Area Chairs
  • All-Stars
  • Interested Volunteers

Events/Competitions in Charge of:

  • Fair:
    • Work with the fair personnel on fair premium book entries
    • Recruit donors/solicit donations for 4-H awards at the fair
    • Order awards for 4-H fair awards night
    • Tally all awards at the fair to determine the winners (club and individual)
    • Plan fair awards night*
    • Post award winners in appropriate exhibit areas during the fair
  • Medals: Oversee ordering and supply of all medals for medallist testing
  • Medallist testing:
    • Keep copies of all medallist tests and answers
    • Review new medallist test proposals with area chairs and submit them to the Youth Development Advisor for approval

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Committee responsibilities:
    • Set “Goals and Objectives” and work towards them
    • Fair book review and yearly planning (Sept-Nov)
    • Keep records and submit to Executive Board and Council
  • Attend Executive Board and County Council meetings as a member of the Executive Board

*See “How to” for details