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Term: 2 years, renewable for 2 more years


  • Receive, deposit, disburse, and keep a complete and accurate accounting of all the monies of the Council and its committees.
  • Present and up-to-date financial report at each meeting of the Council and Executive Board.
  • Secure authorization from the Council or Executive Board at regular or special meetings for disbursement from the general fund of non-budgeted funds in excess of twenty dollars - Any two of the following signatures must appear on all checks issued by the Council: Treasurer, President, Recording Secretary, or 4-H Youth Advisor.
  • Responsible for compliance with all regulations of the Internal Revenue Service, the State Franchise Tax Board, and the State Compensation Insurance Fund. Call the county extension office for contact information.
  • Have accounts and records of the County Council ready for audit on September 1st of each year.
  • Accept and review copies of all final reports submitted by each club treasurer at the end of the fiscal year when club enrollment is due.
  • Act as the Chair of the Budget Committee.
  • Fulfill any other responsibilities listed in county by-laws