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Vice President

Term: 2 years, renewable for 2 more years


  • In the absence of the President, the Vice President presides over all Council and Executive Board meetings – Executive Board meets six times a year, alternating months with the County Council, which meets six times a year as well.
  • Succeed to the office of President if that office becomes vacant between elections or if the elected President is unable to fulfill her or his duties.
  • Locate, identify, and reserve facilities for Executive Board and Council meetings.
  • Act as Chair of the Program Planning Committee and plan programs and refreshments for regular Council meetings.
  • Fulfill any other responsibilities listed in county by-laws
  • Develop annual program calendar of events, field days, etc.

Vice President of Outreach

Term: 2 years, renewable for 2 more years

  • General Description

    • The Vice President of Outreach advises and assists the countywide 4-H program in planning outreach events and activities.
    • Identifies resources available to help members plan outreach activities.