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County 4-H Ambassador Advisor


  • Currently enrolled 4-H approved adult volunteer


  • 13 months
  • Selected by current County 4-H Ambassadors and Council President, approved by 4-H staff


  • County Ambassador Banquet*: Adult Chairs
  • Leadership Overnight*: Adult Chairs


  • Advise and oversee County Ambassadors and County Ambassador activities throughout the year
  • Work with youth ambassadors in a youth-adult-partnership to develop their County 4-H Ambassador goals and objectives for the year
  • Help youth ambassadors to plan County Ambassador activities
  • Represent County 4-H with County 4-H Ambassadors at 4-H and non-4-H events
  • Work with 4-H Staff to promote and publicize County 4-H Ambassador position throughout the county and encourage eligible youth to apply for the coming year.
  • Work with 4-H staff to facilitate selection of new County 4-H Ambassadors
  • Work with 4-H staff to recruit Judges for County 4-H Ambassador selection